The Playroom

Eva's Swerl

Péter Vácz: V&A Childhood Museum

AMVBBDO created this award winning project for the V&A Museum of Childhood featuring a selection of artists from all over the world. Picasso put Péter Vácz forward to take part and the result was utterly charming. From interviewing aorund 30 children about their imaginary friends, instead of Péter drawing their fantastical creatures, he wanted them to draw them themselves to capture the truest form of the children's thoughts. Péter then selected one which really stood out, Swerl, half lion, half dog. Swerl's mood was captured in colourful maze of lines that swerled when he was happy and zig zagged when angry. The little girl would play fetch with him with a special twig covered in flowers. So Péter faithfully created Swerl exactly as he had been dreamt up and you can see here the process he used to bring this particularly beautiful Imaginary Friend to life.

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